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evergrow2One-stop shop for gift items, novelties and promotional items like watches, clocks, bags, calculators, key chains, pen sets and desktop items…

Evergrow International (LLC) is one of the leading importers, exporters and stockists of exclusive gifts and promotional items in the Middle East region. Major products that the company stocks include desktop items, gift sets, key rings, calculators, radios, watches, bags, pen sets, diaries, personal organisers – to name a few. In addition, the company also manufactures Infinity and St. Bernard brands of premium watches. These watches are known for their stunning good looks, superior craftsmanship and high quality.

Evergrow International also manufactures its own brand of innovatively designed pen sets. The company’s products have gained popularity in local and international markets because of their good quality and cheap prices. Evergrow International has been supplying a wide range of promotional items, novelties and gift sets to many African countries. The company has been able to capture a sizable share of the market in West African countries like Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali and Senegal.

The company’s wide product range makes it possible for customers to source all their requirements for gift items and promotional material from one source. The attractive prices offered by Evergrow International to all its customers has furthered helped the company to market its products successfully in the price-sensitive markets of Africa. The company’s products are also extremely popular in East African markets of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Traders from these countries regularly visit Evergrow’s showroom in Dubai’s Fikree Market to purchase gift and promotional items.

Evergrow International (LLC) is now aiming to further diversify its customer base in Africa by appointing country distributors for its products. By appointing agents and distributors of its products in African countries, Evergrow aims to increase its reach in the emerging markets of Africa.

“The competitive prices of our products as well as their reliable quality will make our products instant hits in African countries,” says Harish Khiara, managing director of Evergrow International. evergrow international”Demand for gift items and novelties in Africa has registered a substantial increase in the last few years. We are expecting a sharp increase in the demand for our products in coming years and are therefore aiming to penetrate the lucrative markets in Africa. We are confident that African customers will be attracted by the quality and pricing of our products,” he says.

Going by the response the company has been receiving from other parts of Africa, it is a foregone conclusion that Evergrow products will meet even greater success in other emerging markets of Africa. “We are looking for reliable and trustworthy business partners in African countries to act as our agents and distributors. By having strategic partnerships with our business counterparts in Africa, we will be able to service the rising demand for promotional and gift items in African countries,” says Harish Khiara.

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